Klondike, Ho!

Resources for running a Klondike Derby, including a new sled design

Compiled by Scouter Liam Morland, February 2002

Klondike Derby is a winter competition event for Scouts during which patrols will pull their Klondike sleds along a course in the woods. Along the way, they will be tested on Scouting skills at various stations. A derby is usually a day-long event involving a route of 7-8 km and about 20 stations. The event finishes with a formal banquet and the awarding of trophies. Klondike Derbies provide an opportunity for Scouts to apply their Scouting skills in a fun competition. The event can be made to come alive with the use of the lore of the 1897 Klondike Gold Rush in the Yukon.

The information on this web site is intended to help Scouters' Clubs or similar groups run Klondike Derbies for their Scouts. The copyright on this web site allow the information to be taken and shared (see copyright for details). Please do so! And please share your ideas with me to make this site better.

With Thanks

The original authorship of most of the text information on this site is lost in the mists of time. It comes from the Scouts Canada, Heritage Area Klondike Derby and its predecessor, the Chaudière Area Klondike Derby, in which I participated when I was a Scout. The contributions of many Scouters over the years has allowed many more Scouts to learn from and enjoy the Klondike Derby. It is hoped that by sharing this information here, still more will have the chance to seek gold in the north.

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