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Baden-Powell Park

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Size26 ha (64 acres)
Street Address9240 Montrose Rd, Niagara Falls, ON (Map may be inaccurate)
Nearest townNiagara Falls, Ontario
NTS Mapempty
Operated byCity of Niagara Falls
InformationWeb Site
BookingsSame as above
Tenting sites: No
Adirondack shelters: No
Villages: No
Cabins: No
Drinking water: No
Emergency phone: No
Mobile phone coverage: Yes
Electric vehicle charging: No
Picnic tables: No
Cooking shelters: No
Appliances in cabins: No
On-site store: No
Shopping nearby: Yes
Showers: No
Indoor washrooms: No
Wheelchair washroom: No
Hiking trails.


Used for many years for camping by local Scouting groups. In 1979, it was the site of Quadrohicta Cub Camp in which 515 Cubs, 140 Scouters, and 25 First Nations persons took part in an Indigenous-themed weekend camp.

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InformationWeb Site
BookingsSame as above

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