Program Updates

Julian Celms provided an update on the work of Scouts Canada’s Program Department

By Scouters Ted Claxton and Liam Morland, May 17, 2004

Julian Celms, a staff member at the National office, gave a presentation about what the program department has been up to. Scouts Canada is cooperating with a Canadian Space Agency’s Star Count program. The CSA is asking young people to perform a star counting experiment and compare the results with a similar count done by a Canadian Astronaut. The CSA and Scouts Canada have worked to create links with Cub and Scout space related badges.

Julian promoted two web sites. The first was, a searchable directory of hike trails in Canada. The second was, a workplace safety web site oriented towards workers under 24.

Julian is working on developing a Youth Leadership Challenge. Presently a rough concept, this is directed towards current or new members who may help train Kims and Keeos then work in a section. This could be part of completing community service requirements for high school graduation. Julian would like input on this idea.

Scouts Canada's Climate Change Challenge is under development and is expected to be launched in the fall. Scouts Canada has been working with government and The Delphi Group, a Canadian environmental firm specializing in climate change. The program department is developing program resources in this area. The program will likely include JumpStarts and minor changes to badge requirements. On program they are working on is a home energy audit which will Beavers, Cubs, and Scouts check their own homes.

In response to the Climate program, several pack Scouters in the audience complained that the program sounded school-like and that it, like the Purple Star, would not be popular with Cubs who come to active outdoor programs. Julian thanked them for their comments and assured them that the activities would be of interest to our members.

Julian spoke about an idea for celebrating the 100th anniversary of Scouting in 2007. It is suggested that Scouts re-live the first day of the Brownsea Island camp. Julian read the schedule of activities. They would like other ideas as well.

Julian reiterated that the program department likes ideas and feedback. They welcome feedback from individuals as well as from Scouters' Clubs.