Owen Sound Scouts Winter Camp

Harrison Park, Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada

This annual camp started in 1964 when two local troops decided to earn their winter camping badge by camping out overnight in mid-January. Attendance and activities quickly expanded to include a full weekend of winter activities and camping. The most popular event is the Rescue Mission, closely followed by log sawing, fire lighting, knot tying, lashings, compass work, and an obstacle course. We judge the sleds, which are pre-built by the groups and used in the Rescue Mission. There is a program for each of Scouts (ages 11–14) and Venturers (14–17). Trophies are awarded to the winning troop for each event. The trophies are kept by the winners and returned the following year. They also receive pennants to keep. Everyone receives a crest. Scouts come from around Southern Ontario and as far away and Miamisburg, Ohio.

Trophy Winners


YearBest OverallBest CampsiteFire LightingKnot TyingLog SawingOrienteeringRescue MissionBest Sled
20103rd Orangeville10th Owen Sound21st Waterloo21st Waterloo11th Owen Sound3rd Orangeville3rd Orangeville4th Orangeville
200921st Waterloo21st Waterloo4th Orangeville7th Etobicoke Central4th Goderich21st Waterloo3rd Orangeville
2008Troop 586, Tipp City, Ohio3rd Orangeville1st Cottam21st Waterloo7th Etobicoke CentralTroop 586, Tipp City, Ohio10th Owen Sound
20071st Cottam1st ShelburneTroop 586, Tipp City, Ohio21st WaterlooTroop 586, Tipp City, Ohio1st Cottam1st Owen Sound1st Cottam
20061st Cottam4th Orangeville4th Orangeville10th WaterlooTroop 586, Tipp City, Ohio1st Markdale1st Cottam
20054th Orangeville21st Waterloo4th Orangeville21st WaterlooTroop 586, Tipp City, Ohio4th Orangeville1st Shelburne1st Parkhill
20044th Orangeville3rd Collingwood3rd Orangeville21st WaterlooTroop 134, Greenville, Ohio1st Campbellville3rd Collingwood
20031st Owen Sound3rd Collingwood33rd Kitchener4th Orangeville1st Campbellville4th Orangeville
20021st Owen Sound1st AyrTroop 861, Whitehall, Ohio7th & 1st Owen SoundTroop 544, Troy, Ohio4th Orangeville1st Cottam4th Orangeville
20011st Owen Sound1st LucknowTroop 544, Troy, Ohio1st Cottam1st Owen Sound1st Owen Sound1st Ayr
20001st Ayr7th Owen Sound1st Southhampton7th Thornhill1st Ayr1st Ayr1st Owen Sound1st Cottam
19997th Owen Sound7th Owen SoundTroop 544, Troy, Ohio1st Shelburne7th Owen Sound7th Owen Sound
19983rd OrangevilleSouthampton1st Campbellville3rd Orangeville1st Campbellville1st Kincardine1st Chesley
19971st Wiarton3rd Hanover2nd Hanover7th Guelph1st Wiarton2nd Hanover1st Ayr
19961st Wiarton3rd HanoverTroop 544, Troy, Ohio1st Owen Sound
19951st Chatsworth1st Southhampton1st Ballantrae
19941st Stutton West1st Stutton West1st Chatsworth1st Stutton West
19931st Stutton West1st Arthur1st Arthur1st Kincardine
19921st Stutton West1st Ballantrae1st Kilsyth
19911st Stutton West1st Chatsworth
19901st Stutton West1st Stutton
19891st Stutton West1st Stutton
19881st Stutton West1st Newmarket
19874th Owen Sound7th Owen Sound
19867th Owen Sound1st Kincardine
19851st Tara
198411th London1st London1st Kincardine
19837th Owen Sound1st Southhampton1st Kincardine
198211th London1st Southhampton
19817th Owen Sound
19807th Owen Sound1st Kincardine
19797th Owen Sound1st Walkerton7th Owen Sound
19781st Durham7th Owen Sound
197710th Owen Sound
19769th Owen Sound
19756th Owen Sound10th Owen Sound
197410th Owen Sound
19731st Walters Falls


YearFire LightingKnot TyingLog SawingOrienteeringRescue MissionBest Sled
201021st Waterloo21st Waterloo43rd Kitchener43rd Kitchener3rd Orangeville
2009Troop 544, Troy, OhioTroop 586, Tipp City, Ohio
Owen Sound Winter Camporee crest 2010 Owen Sound Winter Camporee crest 2009 Owen Sound Winter Camporee crest 2008 Owen Sound Winter Camporee crest 2007 Owen Sound Winter Camporee crest 2006 Owen Sound Winter Camporee crest 2005 Owen Sound Winter Camporee crest 2004 Owen Sound Winter Camporee crest 2003 Owen Sound Winter Camporee crest 2001 Owen Sound Winter Camporee crest 2000