Seventeen urban Scouts Canada troops from Waterloo Region, Ontario participated in the study. A list of Scout groups showing adult membership and Scout-section membership had been provided by the local Scouts Canada office. Troops were contacted by telephone through their Troop Scouter. The response to requests to participate was enthusiastic. Of troops contacted all save one were happy to participate, and indicated that they felt such research would be very valuable. Due to time constraints, four of the 17 troops were not visited at their meeting. For these troops, the survey section was completed with one of the troop's Scouters at another time. One troop was excluded from most of the statistical analysis because it had operated for only a relatively small part of 1999/2000.

Questionnaires were distributed to 33 Scouters. Most completed them on the spot. Five brought them home with stamped and addressed envelopes. Of these, two responded. The questionnaires included information letters and informed consent forms.

Liam Morland