Summary of Recommendations

Focus on Scout culture.
You can't out-Disney Disney. Scouting programs will be successful when they focus on those things which differentiate them from all the other options out there.

Focus on quality not quantity.
Service Scouters should focus on helping troops to stay great and to become great, rathern than on keeping weak troops open. Small troops should be merged to create large troops with ample resources. In most cases, move Scouts to Venturers after three years rather than four.

Rethink training.
Mentoring should be used as the primary training method. Training courses should be focused around learning how to use the Scout Method. Scouters need to learn how to create Scout culture more than specific skills.

More events including summer events.
Scout troops should run a camp or day event every month of the year. There should be at least six camps including a summer camp.

Give Scouts more autonomy.
Scouts should be responsible for their own food at camps. There should be opportunities for Scouts to be on their own without Scouters. Patrol Leaders should be used to their full potential. The Court of Honour should be well used, particularly for program planning.

Use the uniform.
Make the uniform a full part of the Scout experience, rather than something that is pulled on only for ceremonies.

Use Scout badges.
Make badge earning an important part of Scout programs. Scouts should earn some badges with the troop and have the opportunity and support to earn badges on their own as well.

Liam Morland