The Uniform IOU

Loan uniforms to those who cannot afford them

By Scouter Liam Morland, 1996

The Scout uniform is too expensive for many people. In order to ensure that no one is deprived of Scouting due to financial considerations, the Uniform IOU was developed. A Scout and their parent/guardian will sign the form and be lent a Scout shirt until the Scout outgrows it or leaves Scouting. Scouts are encouraged to buy their own sash and, if this is not affordable, the group will buy it for them. This is done because a sash is a personal record of achievement and should not have to be returned. Here is a sample Uniform IOU.

Scouts Canada: 32nd Ottawa Scout Group
Uniform IOU

Blank for name of Scout
has borrowed a Scout uniform shirt from the 32nd Ottawa Scout Group. It is to be returned when they leaves the 32nd Ottawa Scout Group, or when they grows out of it.

I have received a Scout uniform shirt in good condition. It is my responsibility to ensure that it is kept in good condition and returned when requested. I will wear my uniform properly and with pride to all Scouting activities.

Blank for Signature of Scout and Date

I will ensure that my child/ward, named above, fulfils the obligations stated above.

Blank for Signature of Parent/Guardian and Date