Scoutmaster Investiture Ceremony

Recognizing a new Scouter at the front of the horseshoe

By Scouter Liam Morland, 1996

In this ceremony, a new Scoutmaster takes the place of the old. The two are referred to as Scouter New and Scouter Old in this description. The Officiate is usually a senior member of the group or a Commissioner, but any member of Scouting can be the Officiate. Adaptations of this ceremony can be used to install people into other positions within Scouting. This ceremony best takes place at an opening of a meeting or camp.

The ceremony starts after Flag Break, which is lead by Scouter Old. The Officiate thanks Scouter Old for years of Service and officially introduces Scouter New.

Scouter Old, Do you have any words that you wish to leave with the troop?
Scouter Old
Words of wisdom.
Scouter New, please step forward.

Scouter New stands facing of the Officiate.

Troop Alert. Are you Scouter New [full name] who comes to be Scoutmaster of this troop?

Scouter New
I am.
Are you prepared to dedicate yourself to the betterment of this troop and its members through the Principles and Method of Scouting?
Scouter New
I am.
Do you come with the necessary Attitudes, Skills, and Knowledge to be a Scoutmaster and are you prepared to seek help where these may be lacking?
Scouter New
I am.
Officiate, to the Troop
Do any of you know of any just reason why Scouter New should not be Scoutmaster of this troop?

Pause for a moment.

Scouter New, I ask that you reaffirm your Promise in front of the Scouts that you will be serving and the Scouters that you will be working with. Troop, Scout Sign.

The Flag Bearer lowers the troop flag to horizontal between the Officiate and Scouter New. They both place their left hands on the flag. All make the Scout Sign. The Officiate leads the Promise and Law line by line; Scouter New repeats after them.

Officiate and Scouter New
On my Honour, I promise,
That I will do my best,
To do my Duty to God and the King,
To help other people at all times,
And to carry out the spirit of the Scout Law:

A Scout is Helpful and Trustworthy,
Kind and Cheerful,
Considerate and Clean,
And wise in the use of all resources.

Troop, steady.

Everyone returns to alert, the flag is returned. Shaking Scouter New's hand:

Scouter New, I confirm you as Scoutmaster, name of troop Scout Troop. I am confident in your abilities, excited about your potential, and I wish you strength and spirit in all your endeavours. I ask now that you now take your position at the front of the horseshoe.

Scouter New, shaking Scouter Old's Hand
I relieve you, Scouter.
Scouter Old
I stand relieved.

New moves into Old's spot at the front of the horseshoe, calls the troop to stand at ease, and begins the meeting.