The Ten Quests of Rovering

BP’s challenges for Rovers

Adapted by Liam Morland, 1996

Rovering is the carrying out of Scouting into every department of a person’s life. It aims at creating nobler citizenship by introducing the Scout Promise and Law into daily life.

The Scout Law, viewed by a Rover, expands into Quests of Scouting. When looking at the quests, it soon becomes obvious that such Questing carries the spirit and practice of Scouting into daily life. Rovering and Rover Questing are not spare time activities, but ways of approaching at life.

"Have fun and enjoy your lives, but also look widely, beyond your surroundings. Look high and above them."

Here then, are the ten Quests that Rovers can be encouraged to pursue to fulfil their commitment to Scouting. Each Quest has a description which the Rover has to interpret then design a challenge for themself around. A Rover should announce that they is leaving on a Quest then later provide a log of the activities undertaken; Service rendered; and attitudes, skills, and knowledge gained during the Quest. This log is reviewed by the Crew and accepted or sent back for revision. Completed Quests are indicated on the uniform by one diamond knot each tied in a leather Progress Thong worn around the left shoulder. The version below is adapted from Baden Powell's work to be gender-inclusive.

The Quest Of Truth

Out in the world, the Rover, as they grows up, finds too often that Honour is held to be of less account than material gain. They sometimes hears dishonourable methods approved if they bring material gain, and they is tempted strongly to forget their ideals, since they do not appear to pay in the struggle to get on. Rovers need not only to be reminded of their ideals, but to be given expert advice and definite assistance in their trouble. Here is the opening for the Rover who dares to accept the challenge of the Quest of Truth. They sets out to make life honourable in their corner of the world, in the Scout sense, by fighting in the right way to win greater respect for truth, conscientiousness in business dealing, the keeping of promises, and straight conduct of all kinds. A very high sense of personal honour has to be cultivated and required from others.

The Quest Of World Scouting

No Rover can serve their country better than by helping to spread the highest Scout Ideals through it. The Rover's loyalty to their country takes the form of working to extend and improve the organization of the Scout Movement so that the number of Questing Rovers may be increased to form a leaven in the citizenship of the country and training themself in public citizenship so that they may later carry the ideals of Scouting into municipal councils, philanthropic societies, and other public bodies.

The Quest Of Rover Errantry

The Rover, as the modern equivalent of the ancient knights, goes out on Quests to help people out of their difficulties. A very wide field for adventure lies open before them.

The Quest Of The Younger Sibling

The Rover, working in the Scout Group helps to train the character of their younger sibling for citizenship. From the Rover's friendship, example, and instruction, Scouts learn the Spirit of Scouting.

The Quest For Beauty

Starting with the grace of courtesy which confers beauty on human relationships, the Rover seeks beauty in other ways of Life. Acknowledging gratefully their debt to the rather limited chivalry of the ancient knights, they passes on to a wider and truer chivalry which honours all that is honourable, wherever found.

The Quest Of Kindness To Animals

The Rover undertakes Quests of kindness to animals, realizing that we and they are mutually comrades in the Service of God in carrying out the evolution and order of Nature.

The Quest Of Conscience

The Rover obeys orders of their conscience without question. The older Scout passing out of the narrower circle of home and school life, has to Learn to recognize and submit unquestionably to the orders of a new authority - their Conscience. Recognizing that conflicting orders and duties are common in life, they strives to make their Conscience so sensitive that in any clash they will recognize and obey the order which comes nearest to the mind of God. Conscience must be rather the voice of God than the call of fear or sentiment. Thus there may be a clash between the claims of their home and those of their outside Life, between their own getting on in the world and their Duty to Others; or again there may be a conflict between their obligations to an employer and to a trade union. They cannot escape the distress and uncertainty thus caused, and they has to learn that they are an important part of their training for Higher Service. They must strive to reason with increasing wisdom, then there will come into their life an authority which they can obey without question, and they will respect the conscientious scruples of others, even when they cannot agree with them.

The Quest Of Happiness

The Rover goes on Quests to make new opportunities for other people to smile and whistle. They takes a spirit of personal cheerfulness with them into all their occupations, and brightens thus the lives of others. They sows the seeds of future happiness for them, and thus lays part of the foundation of a happier world. What they gives out of happiness to others repays itself with a return of greater happiness to themself.

The Quest For Personal Efficiency

Thrift means wise spending; this includes wise saving. Moreover, the rule of the Knights about thrift had a twofold object: to avert poverty from themselves, and to help others in need. The Rover, taking stock of their worldly equipment, considers the acquiring and due use of money, but also the acquiring and due use of muscle and mind power, so as to become personally efficient, and to be able to help others better. They increases their stock of Muscle, Mind, and Money by wise spending of these as well as by wise storing. Some will look wider still, and determine to add new knowledge to the world, and new sources of health and wealth.

The Quest Of The Spiritual

A Rover on this Quest looks with slowly but steadily clearing vision through the mystery of the Cosmos on the Majesty and Love of the Divine, steadying themself by self-control.