The Rover Adviser’s Vigil

Questions to help the Rover Adviser Squire prepare for their responsibilities

Author unknown, 2000

Before knighthood, the Rover Squire will undertake the Vigil. This is a time for them to quietly think out what is going on in their lives. Likewise, the Adviser Squire must prepare themself for the responsibilities they are about to undertake.

Note: The Vigil should only be read by Knighted Rovers and Advisers, and those Adviser Squires who have completed all other requirements for Knighthood. The Vigil is more effective and special if it is kept mostly secret.

The Vigil comes at the end of the period of Squireship. Potential Rover Advisers should not be invested until they are quite sure that they are honestly ready. They should think carefully before taking this important step and should not commit themselves to serious responsibilities until they are resolved to do their best to keep them.

The Rover Adviser is in a position of great potential influence. Advisers must be a role model for the Scout Law, a coach and a mentor for their Rover Scouts. Adviser Squires should ask themselves these questions: