One World, One Promise

A song to celebrate Scouting’s Centenary

By Julian Pattison, June 17, 2007

Repeat chorus before and after each verse

We are the promise, we are the star.
We are the spirit from near and far.
Breathe in the promise, follow the star.
Sing out the spirit of who we are!

Nous sommes la promesse, l'etoile aussi.
Tous nos histoires melangent ainsi.
Suivons la promesse, l'etoile aussi.
Chantons les paroles de notre esprit!

Softly falls the light of day; as our campfire fades away
Have I taken time to share, done my best to be prepared?
Can I rest knowing I have done my part?

Brightly shines the light of day, making space to work and play.
This challenge holds us stronger, we can serve our world with honour,
And proclaim this story as our own!