Flags of Canada and the Provinces

High-quality flag images for use in badge work

Compiled by Scouter Liam Morland, May 9, 2009

Enough with tiny cut-outs or old photocopies. In preparation for next time your Scouts are working on citizenship, take these files to a copy centre and get them laser-printed in colour onto card stock. It will cost only a few dollars and your Scouts will be able to clearly see the details of each flag.

Each file contains each flag on its own page, a page of labels, which can be cut out, and a sheet of notes describing the important symbolism of each flag.

The best learning comes by having the Scouts look at the flags, identify the symbols, and try to figure out what each symbol represents. Much can be learned about the history and geography of a people by examining their flags. When they are ready to be tested, the Scouts can put the labels on the appropriate flag. For the historical Canadian flags, separate the names from the years. Have the Scouts put the flags in order before starting to label them. They should know the two years which are in question-marks.