Personal Camp Kit List

What a Scout needs for a weekend camp

By Scouter Liam Morland, October 2000

This is a camp gear suggestion list for a weekend camp. This is an all-season list. What you actually bring will depend on the weather and the type of activity.

Important note on packing

Scouts are big people. Parents must not pack their gear for them. Doing so will lead to:

"Sarah, it's raining! Where's your rain coat?"

"I can't find where my Daddy put it!"

At most, parents can help their Scouts lay out their gear and ensure that everything is there. They should never actually put the gear into the pack. This is for two reasons. Scouts need to know where something is packed so that they can find it, and Scouts may not be able to pack their gear as tightly as their parents can, leading to problems when it comes time to repack at the end of camp.

Camp Gear



Eating Gear




Scout Gear


Please do not bring

Preparing for the Cold

Dress in Layers

Proper clothing is essential for keeping warm, dry, and comfortable in the winter. Wearing multiple layers is both warm and allows Scouts to take layers off and on so that they always have enough to be warm, but not so much that they sweat. Modern polyester or merino wool fleece and long underwear is the best: It is warm, lightweight, retains much of its warmth when wet, and dries quickly. Avoid cotton. Insulation must be spread over the entire body. Your layers should be something like this:

  1. Base layers: Long sleeved tee-shirts, long underwear, thin socks
  2. Insulation layers: Sweaters, warm pants (fleece is best; jogging pants also work), heavy socks (fleece or wool)
  3. Winter jacket, snow pants, winter boots
  4. Hat and neck-warmer, gloves and mittens

Bring extra clothes, particularly socks and mitts, so that you can change out of wet clothing. Remember to dry any wet clothing.

Warmth at Night